Siskiyou Mountain Club Fundraiser

If you have made it here chances are you saw Jenn Shelton’s post about the fundraiser we are doing. Here are the details.

First off:


Thank you for being passionate about protecting the trails and trail access to our public lands.   Thank you for your interest in nurturing the wild places that we call our training grounds, our stomping grounds, our playgrounds, our homes-away-from home.

Ryan and David in the Soda Mountain Wilderness in Southern Oregon

This year, after celebrating our third year in business, we at Trails and Tarmac decided it was high time to give back to our community, by donating 1% of our income to a non-profit we believed in.  As a small business, we wanted to make sure our support was going to an organization with little overhead, and one that managed itself with the passion and efficiency of an endurance athlete. After much research, we found our perfect fit with the Siskiyou Mountain Club We have become business supporters already but we decided we wanted to do more!

This group of fiery trail blazers was formed in 2010,  after the founders tried to hike a trail in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area, which they found impassable due to downed trees, fire damage and decades of neglect.  After calling around to the forest service and realizing that no one had the funds or man power to restore this trail, they took matters into their own hands.  They gathered volunteers, crosscut saws and permits, then they did the trail work themselves. Since then they’ve evolved into Southwest Oregon’s only organization dedicated to wilderness trails stewardship, restoring over 225 miles of once derelict trails under in six federal wilderness areas.  Many trails that SMC have restored have had over 1,000 trees that needed to be removed per mile.  We’ll be posting a more in depth article about SMC in the coming weeks, including a new 50 mile loop in Southern Oregon that Jenn and Ryan Ghelfi will run together in October 2018 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the National Scenic Trails Act!

This is the cross cut saw that SMC crew members use to cut out those thousands of downed trees

If you’d like to participate in our fundraiser, here are the details:

Jenn is donating three one-hour training consultations, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the Siskiyou Mountain Club .  For this fundraiser, the cost of each consult is $200. 

Perhaps you need advice for your next race or how to organize your next training bloc?

Maybe you need a swift kick in the pants  to get motivated?

Maybe you want to discuss your upcoming trail adventure, or walk through your last race: what went right and what went wrong? 

With over 20 years of competitive running under her belt, a conversation with Jenn is never dull.

To apply for one of Jenn’s three spots in this fundraiser send an email with a bit of information about yourself to Please use the subject line Siskiyou Mountain Club Fundraiser

Want to support the trails but don’t have time for a phone call?  Help us reach our goal of $1000 by donating $10, $20 or $50.  Email with the subject line SMC Donation and we will send you a donation link.

Posted May 28th, 2018 by Ryan Ghelfi