Trails and Tarmac is a team of running coaches who have experience coaching and racing at every distance on trails, roads, and track.  Our guiding philosophy is to use concepts from these disciplines to make each individual a well rounded athlete and better prepared to tackle any race or adventure.

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Ryan Ghelfi

Ryan has been working and playing in the mountains since he was a kid. He began pursing running seriously in high school and has never looked back. Ryan has always been a multi-faceted runner, not often focusing only on one type of racing. From short distance mountain FKT’s, to 5ks and 10ks on the track, and 100 mile trail runs, Ryan loves to do it all. He brings this passion for endurance and the outdoors to the Trails and Tarmac coaching team, helping runners achieve any dream no matter how big.

  • 1st Place 2016 Pine to Palm 100 mile

Mount Shasta FKT 1:37:05 (2016)

To see pictures of Ryan’s most recent adventures check out his Instagram.

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David Laney

David Laney and his mustache make a powerful pair. A multiple-time all-American at Southern Oregon University, he joined the Hanson’s Distance Project after serving as SOU’s assistant coach in 2011. In 2013 he was signed to the Nike Trail Team, and has worked with Nike product development and testing on trail and road footwear. David works at Steens Mountain Running Camp every summer sharing a wilderness experience with high school cross country runners.

3rd at the 2015 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 105 Mile

2015 UltraRunner of the Year

3rd at the 2016 North Face Endurance 50 Mile San Francisco

2:17:02 Marathon PR

To see pictures of David’s most recent adventures check out his Instagram.

Photo Credit: Ken Etzel

Jenn Shelton

Jenn began running at age thirteen.  Her high school coach and lifelong mentor—who, twenty years later, she still calls at one in the morning to pick his brain about training—shaped her early career with two guiding principles.

  1. Running should be fun.

  2. Be a student of your sport.  You can’t break the rules until you learn the rules.

 Jenn adopted these philosophies and made them the trademark for her unique running-centric lifestyle. At the age of 20—to the great chagrin of her mother–Jenn dropped out of college and moved West to dedicate her life to her sport.  It could have been a disastrous decision, but it turned out to be the best one of her life.

In the last decade Jenn has coached both at the collegiate and high school level, set a world record that stood for 7 years in the 100 mile distance, qualified for the Olympic Trials in the road Marathon, and pioneered FKT’s across many of America’s most iconic trails.

Dedicated to exploring the limits of endurance and preserving the natural wild landscapes that have shaped her life, Jenn currently lives in her van, a small metal box named Hi-C, coined for its preternatural ability to high center on perfectly reasonable dirt roads en route to trailheads.

 When not coaching and writing, she can be found chasing records, tail and last light. You can see some of her most recent adventures here.

Camelia Mayfield

Camelia Mayfield is an Ashland, Oregon native where she grew up running in the hills of the Rogue Valley and following along on her father’s ultra marathon adventures around the Pacific Northwest. Now residing in Bend, OR, Camelia has over a decade of competitive running experience ranging from NCAA Division I Track at Portland State University (10k and 5k) to Marathon, 50k, and 100k. Her passion lies with trail races, but with a debut road marathon time of 2:47:45, she is familiar with the unique training aspects of road racing. Because of her interest in approaching new challenges with curiosity and a sense of adventure, she will help you reach your individual goals and approach upcoming races with confidence and excitement.

Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Course Record Holder

Eugene Marathon 1st Place 2016

World Long Distance Mountain Championships USA team member  2016

Flagline 50k 1st Place 2016

Bandera 100k 4th place 2017

To see pictures and stories of Camelia’s most recent adventures check out her Instagram

Brett Hornig

Brett Hornig

Brett is the kind of coach who constantly thinks about his athletes and what will make them better. He is thoughtful, analytical and likely one of the best running minds on the planet.  After a successful 4 years of collegiate cross country and track he got a job at Rogue Valley Runners and transitioned to the trails with dreams of black toenails and 5000 foot climbs.  He has coached individuals, teams and counseled 100’s of runners.  Brett knows the good and the bad of running, having dealt with some injuries early in his career he has a quiver of knowledge on how to successfully stay healthy.

Check out Brett’s latest adventures here

Brett’s recent race results

4th at Chuckanut 2015

2nd at Siskiyou Out Back 2015

7th at Way too Cool 2016

2nd at UROC 100k


Sarah Bard

Sarah started running as a child, but didn’t really hit her stride until after college when she discovered the marathon distance. After running marathons competitively for 8 years, improving her time from 4:02 to 2:43, Sarah started exploring the longer, 50 mile and 100k distances. Sarah loves to run and race on roads, but also enjoys spending time on trails in the mountains. While she loves the competitive aspect of running, she is most grateful to be part of such a wonderful community of people, sharing a passion for adventure, improvement, and exploration.

2X Champion of the JFK 50 Mile

2nd at Ultravasan 90K

US 50K Road Champion

Sarah’s adventures and Instagram here

Ryan Matz

Ryan Matz

A professional coach of multiple sports, but a runner first and foremost, Ryan Matz thrives on helping his athletes achieve difficult goals.  Another alumni of the Southern Oregon University distance crew, he’s been running competitively for nearly two decades, having raced everything from the 400 meters to trail ultras.  Ryan is the course record holder for the now-defunct (and hopefully one day revived) Lost Sierra 50k and repeat top 35 finisher at the Dipsea (earning a number of coveted Black Shirts), Matz is most at home in the mountains.  A Master’s in Recreation (no joke), an undergrad experience dominated by exercise science and being a nerdy runner, certifications in ski instruction and mountain guiding, a decade of experience coaching young and not so young runners, skiers, and climbers… Sharing a love of running is what this second (although more senior in age) Ryan of Trails & Tarmac does best.

Check out some of Ryan’s latest adventures here

Race Results

2nd Siskiyou Outback 50k 2014

1st Lost Sierra 50k 2015

8th Waldo 100k 2015